conversation series: a conversation about morality, values and religion

Religion and politics are the two things one should never discuss, but for us here at the Crimsonian, they are the best things to discuss. Given we are at a moral crisis in the country, driven by the Religious Right, it is a good time to ask how religion and morality are connected? How is it that Donald Trump is the beacon of Christian values when he lives a life at conflict with almost every biblical teaching? Authors like Sam Harris have shown us that religion does not drive morality at the individual decision making level, so what really drives our sense of morality and values? A few friends sit down to discuss these topics and find that while their own individual religion/spirituality are far from similar, their values and morals are quite the same. We also get some insight into a the life of someone who was born, raised and now raising their family in the exact same spot in Kentucky. Something unheard of for many millennials, but as we will learn, it could be the foundational reason for their own spiritual journey and evolution.