the kentucky derby, health care, and ivanka’s hobby of working

We try to avoid talking politics, but have to discuss this week’s big news, the House passing AHCA. We then move on to Crimson’s moral dilemma with the Kentucky tradition of the Kentucky Derby. Laurie’s only objection is the Mint Julep, but Crimson wonders if we should have evolved passed a sport that sometimes values an animal’s life based on its ability to earn income. Or maybe it’s just the excessive hats? And then the ladies get mean girl on Ivanka Trump. She makes herself an easy target when she goes off and writes books about things she knows nothing about. The sell out this week is freaking depressing, The Handmaid’s Tale, which is a story that highlights the potential result of American’s silence in the face of oppressive regimes. So if you silently accept bigotry or radical beliefs, remember, this could become our America.