health care, taxes, and everything is fucked

Sorry for the unexpected hiatus. Life happened, and while our life was happening, the world just got a bit shittier. While I was about to reward Laurie for her astute observation that the Republican health care proposal wouldn’t be happening, we learn that the Republicans won’t let it die. So we discuss their newest version of thier shitastic health care proposal that helps no one but them and the wealthy, and then we discuss tax policy which again, helps no one but them and the wealthy. But don’t lose hope, there is always Ivanka and Jared to save us from their father/father-in-law’s ignorance and bigotry! We close this week by selling out for two great pieces of content that define good story telling; Big Little Lies an HBO mini-series with a star studded cast and the new podcast S-Town by the makers of Serial.