tom brady and lady gaga and kellyanne, oh my

What can we say, Kellyanne Conway is the gift that keeps giving. After we catch up on Super Bowl 51 and the best Half Time Show in modern history, we discuss Kellyanne’s new unethical, possibly illegal, comments about Ivanka Trump getting dumped by Nordstrom. Given Ivanka will need to rebrand to fit with the Trump family new equity, we try to be helpful and offer up some new taglines. Then we move on to one of Crimson’s biggest pet-peeves; whiny bitches who always play the victim. While this is typically reserved for middle schoolers and teens, the New York Times perfectly articulates how the Trump Administration has brought it to the White House. Then the ladies sell out for the only thing that has benefited from the Trump Administration, Saturday Night Live. If you haven’t seen their Kellyanne Conway skits, they are a must, including the latest one from this weekend. We are totally on board with women taking over SNL by portraying this insane administration!