the trump transition and why we should be worried about whats to come in 2017

Laurie and Crimson start the new year a little different; sober! As the ladies sip some Perrier, we catch up on our favorite holiday gifts. Crimson is pumped that she has a new bed from Tuft & Needle, and Laurie tells us about her new juicing habit. The conversation moves on to the obvious 2017 buzz kill, the trump transition. The intention is to focus on Trump and Russia, and the fact that a communist dictator is more popular than liberalism among red state voters, but once the word Trump comes up, it becomes a little bit rantish. Never in our country’s history have we seen voters so willing to put a communist dictator before our own democratic interest, and we try to understand why? Before we close out, we try to pivot to the positive and we discuss what we will miss most about President Obama, other than his wife Michelle. Then Laurie closes us out by selling out for the OA.