the trump tapes, rape pests, the value of consent, and the great regression of the right.

Warning: this episode is super-explicit.

After a cheers to Laurie for officially being a fully licensed therapist, we catch up. Hillary and Donald went head-to-head for one last, horribly uncomfortable, time and we can’t help but comment. Then we move on to the largest controversy of the election, the Trump Tapes, where Donald Trump is able to normalize the term “grab them by the pussy.” While the discussion could be about just how offensive this is, instead the ladies decide to pivot to the implications this has on the societial norms and human behavior. Crimson provides a defense of decent men, an argument well articulated in blog form on Huffington Post. While this election has been a nasty one, it may be a catalyst for men to finally stand up and defend decency towards women. Our discussion then moves on to trying to understand the line between appropriate and inappropriate behaviors and what the word “consent” really means. Crimson highlights an episode of This American Life, where they discuss college campus assults and you can see how the area between dating/parting and harrassment/assult can feel like a gray area for our youth and how education could help circumvent a major issue for both men and women on college campuses. Which brings us to the first thing we agree with Rush limbaugh on. He perfectly articulates the liberal vision of how to progress forward in the sexual murkiness with one word, consent. To wrap it all up, Crimson, once again, sells out for Michelle Obama and her beautiful speech in response to the Trump Tapes. This may be the only uplifting 28 minutes of the longest Presidential election, ever. And Laurie leaves the discussion on a hilarious note, with a call out for SNL’s Melania Trump music video, which is a spoof of one of Crimson’s past sell outs, Beyonce’s Lemonade.