the realities of the alt-right, foreign voter intervention and Beyonce

Laurie catches us up on the highlight of her week- being a bitch. Crimson discusses pushing herself to be more vulnerable and the lessons learned in the process. We then move to the alt-right, a fringe of the Republican party that is currently very influential in the Trump campaign with Steve Bannon, an alt-right enthusiast, now running the show. Laurie briefly gives us the download on the news that the FBI just announced that voter information was hacked in a couple of states and we contemplate the implications or solutions of a foreign actor impacting our national elections. We also get off topic because Crimson drinks too much wine, and end of debating the validity of Eric Snowden’s contributions to our conversations about privacy in America. Then we end how everything should end, with a discussion of how Beyonce is a goddess, but yet, I can’t really listen to her music.

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