laurie shoots some guns, crimson questions clinton controveries & then we chat cognitive dissonance

Laurie takes a concealed carried class and lives to tell the tale. Now that Crimson is finished with Stranger Things, we finish our conversation about the awesomeness of the series. And then we return to politics. We discuss all the errors of the Trump campaign and juxtapose those against those of the Clinton campaign. Crimson wonders if there is really any controversy behind the new drama with the Clinton Foundation emails and Laurie calls her out for potential cognitive dissonance. Which leads us to a conversation about the realities of cognitive dissonance and more so the importance of “backfire,” a political behavior that has been studied thoroughly and helps explain how Trump supporters can reconcile the discrepancies of the campaign thus far. We try to offer some advice, so everyone can understand this human behavior and help mitigate the sometimes overwhelming consequences to this natural propensity.