crimson attends a clinton rally, SCOTUS ruling gives us warm fuzzies, and Brexit...oh Britain.

While Crimson fails to see Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren, she can’t help but make some keen observations about the Cincinnati rally. Laurie and Crimson discuss the SCOTUS ruling in Whole Woman’s Health v. Texas, where the SCOTUS struck down anti-abortion laws limiting a womans access to reproductive health care in the state of Texas. This somehow leads to a sidebar about a John Oliver’s skit using dogs to represent the SCOTUS members, a well worth investment if you haven’t watched. And then we get to the big news about Brexit from the EU and how once again, millennials just keep getting shit on. Laurie sells out to The Imp of the Mind: Exploring the Silent Epidemic of Obsessive Bad Thoughts where the author explores the root causes of bad thoughts and why they spiral out of control.


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