goodbye for now...anxiety

While there is so much to catch up on in terms of Trump Country, it is just never ending and so exhausting. So instead we talk about the most important thing for all Americans over the next 4 years; coping with anxiety. Laurie schools us on what anxiety is, and why its so common and then Crimson reviews a new book, Dare: The New Way to End Anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks, that has been helpful in her pursuits to cope with her own anxiety.

Given Crimson is about to bring a new human into the world and Laurie is starting her own practice, we are calling it quits for a couple of months. So while we hate to say goodbye, this isn’t forever. You will just have to make it until fall until you hear our wonderful voices again. Thanks to everyone who made season 2 a hit! And keep an eye on our social feeds and here at for more content until we record again.

grab comey by the p@#$y

In our first episode since switching to Laurie’s new office for recording, we can’t help but talk all things Comey. Laurie makes it obvious that she was distracted by Comey’s good looks, while Crimson was distracted with the reality that Comey was treated like a sexually harassed woman. Comey got grabbed by the pussy, figuratively of course. Laurie then sells out for a new nonfiction book Life and Other Near Death Experiences.

liberal snowflakes on college campuses

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Trump took a dump on Earth this week, but we are over talking about the orangutan. After catching up on Crimson’s neighborhood battle and Laurie’s deck renovation, we chat about liberal college students inability to accept hearing the other side. Campuses should be a place where there is an exchange of ideas, yet the new generation of students prefer to shut that shit down. We also start a new segment “what we are grateful for” as an attempt to bring some positivity to Trumpland; and this week we are thankful for ‘Merica (fuck yeah). We close out the episode with a sell out for No-Drama Discipline a parenting self-help book that has helped Crimson with the transition of parenting a toddler to parenting a kid.

the chaotic presidency continues and the anti-anti trump movement sustains

There are so many things we’d rather talk about, but lets face it, the past 7 days of the Trump Presidency have proven to be the most chaotic. We recap the many building scandals of the week, including the appointment of a special prosecutor for the Russian interference investigation. Crimson guesses Jared Kushner may be the next to go down, but there are so many potentials, its anyone’s guess. We close out by providing some recommendations for songs Toby Keith should consider playing at his all male Saudi Arabia concert that will welcome King Trump. And then Laurie sells out for Girl Boss.

all hail russia

The ladies catch up with Crimson telling a story about her empowering journey of uniting her neighborhood behind a petition to city council and how she learned that diplomacy and community organizing is a much more productive method in capturing the attention of elected officials. Then it is all things Russia. From Trump firing the FBI director James Comey to Trump only inviting Russian press to the White House, it seems possible that the US is headed toward Russian rule…ok, it is all good fun, but seriously!? We then prep our listeners for the new Russian order, by starting our Russian vocabulary series. This episodes word is “Kompromat” which means “comprising information” only seems appropriate given Trump’s little bitch behavior when it comes to the Russian authority. Crimson then sells out for Billions, the Showtime drama that juxtaposes the costs behind the pursuit of justice and the pursuits of greed and how their both a pursuit of power.