Welcome to the Crimsonian happy hour podcast where we discuss the most interesting and compelling stories of the week, while drinking a glass of affordable wine.

Crimson MacDonald, Host


I studied political science, philosophy and psychology at the University of Kentucky. I continued on to graduate school, where I studied political science, with a focus in political psychology. From there, I used my research and analytic skills to help corporate america sell consumer packaged goods. Whether I was working in market research, web development, consumer relationship management, or content marketing, my interest was always directed at what drives people's behavior. Lately, I have just been hanging out with my son and daughter, watching their little brains grow and seeing, firsthand, the beginnings of the human experience. At the same time, I have committed my life to activism for a safer America, and serve as a Co-Lead for MOMS Demand Action in my local area. Now, as I find my footing back into the world outside of the one I created with my husband Taylor and two rugrats, I decided to bring back one of my old favorite pass times- crimsonian.com. What was once a poorly written blog about politics and celebrity gossip, is now a podcast that encourages a discussion about what drives today's latest trends and social phenommenon.