Welcome to the Crimsonian happy hour podcast where we discuss the most interesting and compelling stories of the week, while drinking a glass of affordable wine.

Crimson MacDonald, Host


I studied political science, philosophy and psychology at the University of Kentucky. I continued on to graduate school, where I studied political science, with a focus in political behavior. From there, I used my research and analytic skills to help corporate america sell consumer packaged goods. Whether I was working in market research, web development, consumer relationship management, or content marketing, my interest was always directed at what drives people's behavior. Lately, I have just been hanging out with my son, watching his little brain grow and seeing, firsthand, the beginnings of the human experience. So now, as I find my footing back into the world outside of the one I created with my husband Taylor and son Atticus, I decided to bring back one of my old favorite pass times- crimsonian.com. What was once a poorly written blog about politics and celebrity gossip, is now a podcast that encourages a discussion about what drives today's latest trends and social phenommenon.

Laurie Sharp-Page, Co-Host


Laurie Sharp-Page, MS, LPCC, NCC, is a psychotherapist, entrepreneur and comedienne who enjoys all things pop culture. Laurie received her undergraduate degree in Philosophy from Miami University and her Masters of CLinical Mental Health from Northern Kentucky University. Laurie specializes in child, adolescent and family psychothereapy, and has a deep love for reality TV shows, baking bread, her two dogs and a cat and her lovely husband Jason.