jeff sessions, oj simpson and translating lies

We catch up with an update on the only heart warming story in the news- the baby hippo Fionna and then we nerd out about the new solar system found by NASA. Next we move on to the obvious story of the week- the recusal of Jeff Sessions from all things Russia. Given his Senate statement is only seen as a lie by the left, we discuss what it means to lie and how we should define it. Laurie and Crimson then provide some lie translations in hopes to protect our listeners from being lied to in the future. We sell out this week for The People v. OJ Simpson; American Crime Story.

love thy neighbor and happy valentine's day from the trump administration

The ladies catch up discussing the amazing, unprecedented, Trump press conference, where we got a taste of just how insane this President really may be. We highlight our favorite moments, but then move onto the holiday of the week, Valentine’s Day. We give a preview of some of the Valentines that likely came out of the Trump administration, but then move on to talking about love. While Valentine’s Day is typically about intimate love, we broaden the scope to communal love. Given our country is divided between “us and them” we thought it would be a good time to discuss why and the implications of such. Then we close out with Laurie selling out for Hate Thy Neighbor a Vice series that explores the hate in our country.

tom brady and lady gaga and kellyanne, oh my

What can we say, Kellyanne Conway is the gift that keeps giving. After we catch up on Super Bowl 51 and the best Half Time Show in modern history, we discuss Kellyanne’s new unethical, possibly illegal, comments about Ivanka Trump getting dumped by Nordstrom. Given Ivanka will need to rebrand to fit with the Trump family new equity, we try to be helpful and offer up some new taglines. Then we move on to one of Crimson’s biggest pet-peeves; whiny bitches who always play the victim. While this is typically reserved for middle schoolers and teens, the New York Times perfectly articulates how the Trump Administration has brought it to the White House. Then the ladies sell out for the only thing that has benefited from the Trump Administration, Saturday Night Live. If you haven’t seen their Kellyanne Conway skits, they are a must, including the latest one from this weekend. We are totally on board with women taking over SNL by portraying this insane administration!

the alternative crimsonian and a baby hippo

After an exhausting couple of weeks in Trump country, the ladies try to focus on one of the most disturbing things to come out of the administration, the idea of alternative facts. But first, they catch up and talk about the Woman’s March and the adorable new baby hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo. After acknowledging the amazingly horrid Inauguration outfit that Kellyanne Conway wore, we discuss her next biggest contribution to the world, #alternativefacts. And in hopes to keep things light, Laurie and Crimson present their own alternative facts. We finish up with a good ole’ sell out for Canada!

the “f” word; feminism and why we should all be feminist

First we catch up, with Laurie telling us about her fun times with estate planning and Crimson marks her 20th day without buying anything materialistic. Take that corporate America! Then we move on to this week’s discussion about feminism. Given there are thousands of women across the globe uniting together to march for equality, we thought what better time to discuss feminism. We define it, shoot down some myths, and then have a lengthy discussion about why it may have a bad reputation with younger women. We then review the principles behind the 1/21/17 Womens March, in hopes to circumvent the potential misinformation about its purpose of the march and the motivations behind those attending. We close out by selling out for Mr. Robot, an USA original series that is a dramatic interpretation of many progressives frustrations with capitalism.