conversation series: the journey of a transgender man.

We break out of our normal happy hour routine and have a conversation with a friend and hear about his journey transitioning from a woman to man. Laurie first breaks down the clinical definitions of gender and sexuality, but then we move on to hear about Sam and his journey, both physically and emotionally. We discuss the heart wrenching realities transgender people face in terms of having support from their loved ones, but how social media can be helpful in mitigating those consequences. Most importantly, Sam gives some perspective that could help many with their own gender identity crisis understand that its a difficult journey, but you will persevere and come out stronger.

Laurie also provides some resources like the transgender gingerbread man and the gender unicorn. In case you or a loved one needs resources, you can check out Cincinnati Children’s Health Services for Transgender Youth or The Central Clinic’s Transgender Wellness Program.

Let me note that this episode was recorded prior to our investment in this podcast so the quality is shit. Please stick with it and listen to Sam’s story, even though the listening experience is a bit annoying. We really don’t know what we are doing, but we are learning as we go and we truly appreciate you guys tolerating our learning curve!

Look for more conversation series! And let us know if you have a story you want to share. We’d love to hear it!