goodbye for now...anxiety

While there is so much to catch up on in terms of Trump Country, it is just never ending and so exhausting. So instead we talk about the most important thing for all Americans over the next 4 years; coping with anxiety. Laurie schools us on what anxiety is, and why its so common and then Crimson reviews a new book, Dare: The New Way to End Anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks, that has been helpful in her pursuits to cope with her own anxiety.

Given Crimson is about to bring a new human into the world and Laurie is starting her own practice, we are calling it quits for a couple of months. So while we hate to say goodbye, this isn’t forever. You will just have to make it until fall until you hear our wonderful voices again. Thanks to everyone who made season 2 a hit! And keep an eye on our social feeds and here at for more content until we record again.