all hail russia

The ladies catch up with Crimson telling a story about her empowering journey of uniting her neighborhood behind a petition to city council and how she learned that diplomacy and community organizing is a much more productive method in capturing the attention of elected officials. Then it is all things Russia. From Trump firing the FBI director James Comey to Trump only inviting Russian press to the White House, it seems possible that the US is headed toward Russian rule…ok, it is all good fun, but seriously!? We then prep our listeners for the new Russian order, by starting our Russian vocabulary series. This episodes word is “Kompromat” which means “comprising information” only seems appropriate given Trump’s little bitch behavior when it comes to the Russian authority. Crimson then sells out for Billions, the Showtime drama that juxtaposes the costs behind the pursuit of justice and the pursuits of greed and how their both a pursuit of power.