we are back bitches, but only to say goodbye to this shitastic year, 2016

After a much needed break filled with processing, depression, weight loss and a surreal sense of loss, we reconvene to finally catch up. We discuss the aftermath of the election, Crimson advocates for a double down on elitism and kindness, while Laurie has a more empathetic perspective to Trump supporters. Crimson tries to defend the electoral college, knowing Laurie hates that shit and that the reality is that it fucks Democrats almost every time. We then try to move on and discuss the good and bads of 2016. While David Bowe’s death may have marked the end of the world, we did have a few moments of goodness worth noting. From Crimson’s inspiration with the Hamilton album, and the joint experience of seeing Florence and the Machine at Bunbury this summer, 2016 definitely was the year of the arts. We couldn’t find any noteworthy movies to discuss, which brings us to the year of television, and a discussion about Stranger Things and other shows that are changing television content for the better. Crimson highly recommends the Avett Brothers new album True Sadness as a must listen, and tells everyone about the Florence and the Machine Odyssey visual album. It’s no Lemonade by Beyonce, but Florence most definitely makes it worth watching. Laurie also reminds us to keep our eye on Saturday Night Live and tells us about a couple of skits that are worth watching while processing the 2016 election. We are finished for 2016, but since there are now so many of you, we will be back in January with new, better content for your listening enjoyment. Thanks everyone for making 2016 a little less shitty with your support and love.