the good bad and ugly of mental health in society, specifically our schools and our personal lives

Laurie catches up by telling us about her awesome experience at the Breakout Room. Thanks to Hurricane Matthew, Crimson ends up in Cheboygan Michigan and sees the divided America we hear of, with shrines to Donald and solid love for Hillary. Randomly, we end up talking about the warm fuzzies we get from our awesome father-in-laws (yes we got off topic). But, then we move to the realities of mental health in our educational system by looking at its failings and identifying some of the gaps we currently face to start solving the problems. All of this was inspired by NPR’s website dedicated to the “Silent Epidemic” which goes through the realities of our current system for our youth and how it is lacking. We also discuss the importance of social science research, and understanding how it can improve our day-to-day lives. Given we are seeing a millennials surge into the mental health system, we have a generation of adults looking to better themselves, and develop coping skills that can improve the lives of many generations beyond them. We close out with a half ass sell out to Westworld, but Crimson passed out so she couldn’t fully comment. So more to come on that next week.